Captain’s Cup May 10th @ Bar Bariloche

This year, the captain’s Cup will be played at Bar Bariloche.

The Cup will be played at May 10th, and we will start at 8pm. Just like last year, we will play 501, best of three. 13 Captain’s will play, and three of them (randomly picked) will have a bye for the first round.


The Captain’s Cup will be played seeded, so the number 1 in the ranking will play the lowest ranked player, the number two will play the number 15 etc.

The Captain’s rankings are:

1Carl WilksTropicana2422
2Joe WhitbyPremium2320
3David 'Robbie' RobinsonMullins Marauders2418
4Gary FieldBariloche2418
5Thomas KarleInterDarts2413
6Ray CraigWingies Warriors2211
Lee GrantDruids Cave B1510
Max BreijmanMarios2110
Jose C. Lino TatnellDruids Cave A197
10Tony BrooksMullins Raiders216
11Marco WestrikTeulada Panthers144
Nathan SheppardThe Bulls194
Chloe SaultPink Ladies234