Carl Wilks has won this years’ Captain’s Cup at Spencer’s Bar!

The event involved 13 players which meant that Trina, Max and Jose received byes to the quarter finals.

The first round draw meant that the night would begin with the highest four seeds going head-to-head.

In the semi finals Carl beat Cees 2-0 and Gary beat Jose 2-1 to reach the final.

The final itself ended up being a one sided affair, with Carl triumphant in a 3-0 victory over Gary.

On the night, Carl didn’t lose a leg, which meant he was able to retain his title by winning the Captain’s Cup for a second year running.

Thank you to all who came to watch and to Spencer’s Bar for hosting.


First round

Cees Plug 2 1 Gareth Davies
Carl Wilks 2 0 David ‘Robbie’ Robinson
Ray Craig 2 0 Thomas Karle
Tony Brooks 2 1 Lee Grant
Gary Field 2 0 Chloe Sault
Trina Sheppard 2 0 (Bye)
Max Breijman 2 0 (Bye)
Jose C. Lino Tatnell 2 0 (Bye)


Quarter finals

Cees Plug 2 0 Trina Sheppard
Carl Wilks 2 0 Max Breijman
Ray Craig 1 2 Jose C. Lino Tatnell
Tony Brooks 1 2 Gary Field


Semi finals

Cees Plug 0 2 Carl Wilks
Jose C. Lino Tatnell 1 2 Gary Field



Carl Wilks 3 0 Gary Field