George Larkin and Carl Wilks win Doubles Pairs Cup 2019

George Larkin and Carl Wilks have won this years’ Doubles Pairs Cup at Druid’s Cave!

The unseeded event consisted of the top pair from each team, along with the next three highest seeds of the league season.

Unfortunately, a few of the teams’ top pairs were unable to play, which meant that the second highest pair of their respective teams competed.

In the first semi final match, Ian and Joe beat Will and Rick, whilst the other all-Tropicana semi final was won by George and Carl. This meant that the father and son duo would take on the leagues’ highest seeded pair in the final.

The Tropicana pair – who had lost just once during the league season – showed everyone just why with a good team performance and hitting a 180 to finish deserved winners on the night, with the match ending 3-1.

To our hosts Lee and Attie and everyone who came to watch, thank you as always.


First round

Peter Meirtiz / Thomas Karle02Gareth Davies / Kia Richardson
William Schaap / Rick Grainge20David Robinson / Barry Wright
Wolfgang Manzl / Nick Coates02Joe Whitby / Ian Whitby
Jamie Clayton / Yanniek Duncker02Kay White-Brooks / Dave Bellis
Gary Field / Andy Sault02George Larkin / Carl Wilks
Shelley Turner / Sandra Lewis12John Pimienta / Manuel Climent
Andy Beckerich / JP Grossman12Kevin Laundon / Peter ‘Sparky’ Colin
Pauline Lutwyche / Cees Plug20Eric Scotch / Harry Pearl


Quarter finals

Gareth Davies / Kia Richardson12William Schaap / Rick Grainge
Joe Whitby / Ian Whitby20Kay White-Brooks / Dave Bellis
George Larkin / Carl Wilks20John Pimienta / Manuel Climent
Kevin Laundon / Peter ‘Sparky’ Colin20Pauline Lutwchye / Cees Plug


Semi finals

William Schaap / Rick Grainge12Joe Whitby / Ian Whitby
George Larkin / Carl Wilks21Kevin Laundon / Peter ‘Sparky’ Colin



Joe Whitby / Ian Whitby13George Larkin / Carl Wilks