Incomplete player registrations

As of this season, the score sheet has the option to register up to two new players per team – per match. Still we have quite a few players with incomplete names. This makes it hard for the league administrator to handle all scores correctly. We have 5 Dave’s, and some Steve’s, Scott’s etc. Not to mention the numerous Jose’s!

The same with the use of nacknames on score sheets: with over 190 players in this league, it’s almost impossible to know them, so please (also) use real names on those sheets.

When you have two players with the same first name in your team, please use a last names initial as well!

Teams with incomplete registrations are:

  1. Miramar – 2 players
  2. Premium A – 9 players
  3. Tropicana – 10 players

Update: Premium A has sent last names of 7 of their players.