Ladies Cup May 3rd @ Father Teds Bar

This year, the ladies Cup will be played at the totally renewed Father Teds Bar (formerly known as Mullins Bar).

The Cup will be played at May 3rd, an we will start at 8pm. Just like last year, we will play 301, best of three.


The first 16 players of the list below are qualified. The numbers 17, 18 and 19 are reserve.

1Sanni HillerInterDarts2413
2Elaine WilksMullins Raiders2111
3Jo mcLaughlinPink Ladies249
4Fränzi JurtInterDarts198
5Kay White-BrooksMullins Raiders217
6Jo TurnerPink Ladies237
7Lesley LovejoyWingies Warriors136
8Josefa Garcia BuiguesDruids Cave A215
9Shelly TurnerPink Ladies235
10Chloe SaultPink Ladies234
11Marion JohnInterDarts244
12Trina SheppardThe Bulls153
13Barbra FlynnPink Ladies142
14Chelsey TurnerPink Ladies21
15Berney MartinPink Ladies21
16Sandra LewisPink Ladies51
17Marghareta DeonInterDarts51
18Oona HughesPink Ladies141
19Linda GimenoPink Ladies141