Paul Shilling wins MVP Cup!

This year’s new MVP Cup night was a huge success! lots of you came to support 16 of the best players of this season, one of each team. Unfortunately, Premium A and Chillers didn’t send their best players, so we started with 14 players, giving the number one and two of the ranking, Andy Beckerich and Lee Darch a bye for the first round.

The Cup was played with a ranking system. Out of those 16 players, the number 1 ranked played against the number 16, the number 2 against the number 15 etc, as all players had already had 30 weeks to define the sorting order.

The first round matches were:

Andy BeckerichPink Ladies20ChillersBye
KassMiramar20InterdartsPeter Meiritz
Paul ShillingWingies Warriors2 0El BarranquetJose Lino
Alexis AristizobalMario’s2 1The LowryGary Bowden
Ian WhitbyBariloche1 2Lowry RaidersDave Bellis
Brian LutwycheTeulada Panthers2 0Pink LadiesJo McLaughlin
SparkyTropicana2 1La CovaAbraham Salinas
Lee DarchBariloche2 0Premium ABye

Biggest surprise in the first round was Ian Whitby, number 3 of the players ranking, losing with 2-1 from number 14 ranked Dave Bellis, number 64 on this years players list.

The quarter Finals were:

Andy BeckerichPink Ladies21MiramarKass
Alexis AristizobalMario’s1 2Wingies WarriorsPaul Shilling
Dave BellisLowry Raiders1 2Teulada PanthersBrian Lutwyche
Lee DarchBariloche2 0TropicanaSparky

No real surprises there, the highest ranked players won their matches.

The semi finals were:

Andy BeckerichDruids Cave02Wingies WarriorsPaul Shilling
Brian LutwycheTeulada Panthers12BarilocheLee Darch

In the semi finals, Andy Beckerich couldn’t meet the high expectations being this years best player in the league, as he lost 2-0 from Paul Shilling, number 7 in the league and ranked number 5 in the MVP Cup.

Brian was close to a surprise against Lee Darch, but found Lee winning 2-1 after an exciting match.

That made the final going between Paul Shilling and Lee Darch, beinmg played in a best of 5 format.

In the final, Lee took a steady 2-0 lead. Paul however, saved the best for last and won the last three legs, beating Lee 3-2 with both players reaching a high level with good scores and great finishes!

Paul ShillingWingies Warriors32BarilocheLee Darch

Thanks to Druids Cave’s Lee and Attie for hosting this MVP Cup final!