Pre-season Statement 2020/21


Hello all,

The new darts season is finally upon us!

Firstly, the league would like to welcome a new team – Tropicana. Tropicana will make our league 11 teams strong, as Inter Darts, The Bulls and Fiddler´s Bow have opted not to join for the upcoming season.

In other news, Fiddler´s Bow Raiders have now moved to Premium Bar and will play under their new name Bellis Raiders – in honour of Dave Bellis, who sadly passed away earlier this year – ensuring that his name and memory will live on.


The committee members remain unchanged from last season after an AGM vote on the night of the AGM voted in favour of all 3 standing members.

As always, Joe will continue updating results on a weekly basis. So, please send scoresheets to him via the contact details provided at the bottom of the scoresheet which you can download from the Downloads section of the website.


All important dates for the upcoming season can be found below:

  • Start of League season: 29th October 2020
  • Winter break period: The last game of 2020 will be played on 17th December and we will return to action on 14th
  • Knockout Cup Quarter finals: February 25th
  • Knockout Cup Semi-finals: March 25th
  • End of League season: April 29th
  • Knockout Cup Final (Dave Bellis): May 6th
  • Knockout Cup Final (Matty Rudge): May 13th
  • Doubles Cup: May 20th
  • Captains Cup: May 27th
  • Ladies Cup: June 3rd
  • Top 16 Cup: June 10th
  • Presentation Night: June 12th (Saturday)

Please note that venues for the end of season tournaments (KO cup finals, Captain´s Cup, Ladies Cup, etc.) will be confirmed later in the season.

Knockout Cups

This season will see the introduction of a new cup format. There will now be two different knockout tournaments: The ‘Matty Rudge Cup’ and the ‘Dave Bellis Cup’.

Come the halfway point in the league season (after 10 league games – January 29th 2020), the top 6 seeded teams will advance to the Matty Rudge Cup, while the other 5 teams enter the Dave Bellis Cup.

The format for each of these tournaments will be a quarter final stage (in which 3 and 2 teams, respectively, receive ´Byes´ to the next round), then semi-finals and ultimately a final for each cup.

In order to be eligible for these Knockout Cups, each player must have played in at least 50% of the league matches come the halfway stage (5 games minimum before February). Any player who wishes to play but does not meet the criteria above must request permission from the committee. The committee will then make a final decision. If a player plays in the knockout cup, without meeting the criteria set above and does not request permission from the committee, the player will forfeit any points scored and a 2-0 win will automatically be handed to his/her opponent.

End of season tournaments

  • Ladies cup: As per last season, the Ladies Cup will include the highest 8 ranked players in the league.
  • Doubles cup: At the end of the season, Captain´s will be able to put forward two players from their team to participate. These can be any two players who have played a minimum of half the matches (come the end of the league season). This would mean that 11 pairs are entered from the off. The remaining 5 pairs will be made up from teams starting from the bottom of the league upwards (those teams who finish in 7th position or lower will be allowed to put forward a second pai for the tournament).
  • Captain´s cup: As per seasons gone by, the captain will represent their team. Vice-captains may take their place should the captain provide a suitable reason for not participating themselves. The committee will make all final decisions on matters of this nature.
  • Top 16 cup: This cup will remain unchanged from previous seasons. The Top 16 seeded individual players will participate. If a player cannot attend, then 17th seed and so on will be given the opportunity to take their place and make up the 16 required.

Presentation night

Some of you may recall that last season´s Presentation Night had been voted for by the captains, with Premium Bar receiving the most votes. Due to Covid-19, however, the venue for the Presentation Night had to be changed to Hill Top, as this provided an open-air area for the presentation to be held.

It has been provisionally agreed that last years´ vote will roll onto this season, meaning Premium Bar will hold the Presentation Night at the end of this campaign. This will be confirmed later in the season.


Regarding food, as per current law, we understand that bars are not able to provide buffet food to the darts players. Should they choose, bars may provide the players food served individually. Importantly, they have NO OBLIGATION to do so.

Most bars (if not all) in the league have kitchens and you may order food from their menu if you choose. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements before or after your darts match.

Rule changes

The most noticeable rule change for the upcoming season is that both men and women will play from the same oche (distance).

While none of us are professionals, we believe we should follow the regulations implemented by the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) and aspire to the pros of our beloved sport.

Highest checkout

This season will see the introduction of the highest checkout.

On a match night, players will be able to note down a checkout (only those above the score of 100) which will later appear on a new tab on the website. At the end of the season the highest finish of all will receive a medal – much like the player who scores the most 180s during the year.

You will simply need to note the player name and the checkout in the allocated section of the updated scoresheet, which can be found in the Downloads section of the website.


As a final note, we would kindly ask that bar owners and/or captains ensure that their dart board, oches and scoring systems are in good order ahead of the new season.

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the upcoming season.


Thank you.

Joe Whitby and the league committee.