Presentation night & Doubles Cup May 24th @ Bar Tropicana

This year, the doubles Cup will be played at Bar Tropicana, as they won this years’ league. This night will as well be Presentation Night.

The Doubles Cup will be played at May 24th, an we will start at 8pm. We will play 501, best of three.


The first 16 doubles of the list below are qualified. The numbers 17, 18 and 19 are reserve. The Doubles Cup will be played seeded, so the number 1 in the ranking will play the lowest ranked player, the number two will play the number 15 etc.

1George Larkin & Carl WilksTropicana2323
2Alex Beck & Lee GrantDruids Cave B1714
3Alexis Aristizobal & Jhon PimientaMarios1712
4Peter Meiritz & Thomas KarleInterDarts2012
5Freek Konigsmann & Mario HoogervorstMarios2112
6David 'Robbie' Robinson & Simon PennMullins Marauders1211
Idris Vanderelst & Cees PlugTeulada Panthers1010
Peter Mirfin & Michael HowardDruids Cave B1110
Peter 'Sparky' Colin & Harry PearlTropicana1710
10Gareth Davies & George WhitbyPremium109
11Gary Field & Andy SaultBariloche149
Paul Shilling & Simon - Moody - BarkerWingies Warriors97
Tom Collier & Steve BarlowThe Bulls64
Shelly Turner & Barbra FlynnPink Ladies83
Valentin Nuñez Gomez & Abraham Salinas MeladoDruids Cave A83
16Elaine Wilks & Nick CarterMullins Raiders21
17Brian Lutwyche & Mike HardingTeulada Panthers97
18Joe Whitby & Oli RudgePremium76
19Joe Whitby & Kia RichardsonPremium86