Provisional rankings Captain’s Cup

At May 10th, the Captain’s Cup will be played. The table below shows the provisional rankings for this cup.

Be aware: the rakings are based on wins first. When wins are equal, the number of games played determines the order (less games played first). When wins and games played are equal, the leg difference (total legs won minus total legs lost) are calculated.

1Carl WilksTropicana1817
2Joe WhitbyPremium1613
3David 'Robbie' RobinsonMullins Marauders1813
4Gary FieldBariloche1813
5Max BreijmanMarios169
6Thomas KarleInterDarts188
Ray CraigWingies Warriors167
Lee GrantDruids Cave B95
Jose C. Lino TatnellDruids Cave A145
10Tony BrooksMullins Raiders165
11Marco WestrikTeulada Panthers104
Nathan SheppardThe Bulls133
Chloe SaultPink Ladies162