Ray Craig wins Captain’s Cup 2014-2015

In a great atmosphere at Druids Cave, Ray Graig has won this year’s Captain’s Cup.

With 13 out of 14 teams being represented (only Miramar did not show up).

After a first round with 13 players and 3 byes the Captains of Pink Ladies, Tich’s, Spencers Raiders, Druids Cave A, La Cova, Wingies Warriors, Colby’s and Druids Cave B went to the quarter finals.

In these quearter finals, George beat Jo in a touch 2-1 match. Andy had quite an easy 2-0 win over Ken. Ray won 2-0 over Abraham and Lee struggled towards a 2-1 win over Jos.

The semis were two close games with Andy winning 2-1 over George and Ray beating Lee, also with 2-1.

In the final, Ray was superb on his finishes, leaving Andy with a 0-2 result.

Lee and Attie, thanks for a great night at Druids Cave!