Sanni Hiller wins the Ladies Cup 2019

In a packed out Premium Bar, Sanni Hiller has won this years’ Ladies Cup!

The tournament, which was unseed, involved only 14 ladies due to many players unfortunately unable to attend. This meant that the first round consisted of 7 matches,with the winner of the final match given a bye to the semi finals.

In the quarter finals it was Lesley, Chloe and Sanni who prevailed in their matches to reach the semis, joining Marion, who benefited from the aforementioned bye.

The semi final results meant that the final would be played out between the top two seeds – Chloe from the Pink Ladies; and Sanni from Interdarts.

Most matches on the night were tight affairs, and the final was no different!

It was Chloe to strike first and take the lead, only to see Sanni respond well winning the next two legs, taking her just one leg away from victory. Chloe managed to win the fourth leg however, taking us to a deciding leg. Despite the threat of a comeback, it was Sanni who kept her nerve to win the match 3-2, and win the cup.

Many thanks to Orhan and Premium for hosting the event and to all those who showed their support!


First round


Trina Sheppard21Jo Turner
Helena Stepin02Lesley Lovejoy
Shelley Turner21Attie Grant
Chloe Sault21Michelle Norton
Margaretha Deon02Jo McLoughlin
Josefa Garcia Buigues02Sanni Hiller
Elaine Philpot12Marion John


Quarter finals


Trina Sheppard02Lesley Lovejoy
Shelley Turner02Chloe Sault
Jo McLoughlin12Sanni Hiller
Marion John20                            (Bye)


Semi finals


Lesley Lovejoy12Chloe Sault
Sanni Hiller21Marion John




Chloe Sault23Sanni Hiller