Some facts about season 2015-2016

Now the last games have been played, it’s time to go through the statistics.

Over the last 37 weeks, 240 matches have been played, with 2,160 games and a total of 5,194 legs. An average of 2.4 legs per match.

Eighteen times, a player has scored 180. Eleven players did it once, two players, Mike Harding and Ian Whitby did it twice and Andy Beckerich did it three times!

Andy is also the only player who lost only one single.

Overall, 286 players have played one or more games this season, an average of 18 per team. Of those 286 players, 18% was female and 82% was male.

Premium A has used the most players, 34, with International Bar being second with 27 and Chillers third with 26. Lowry’s Raiders, Miramar, Premium B and Pink Ladies have all used the least players: 11.

This years winners, Premium B, have scored 462 legs, an average of 15 legs per match. The number last, Pink Ladies, scored 235 legs, an average of 8 legs per match.

Premium B has also won most matches, 28, where Pink Ladies only won 4.

Pink Ladies lost the most matches, 23, opposite to Premium B who only lost one.

Only six out of sixteen teams have won more legs than lost: Premium B, Druids Cave, Wingies Warriors, Bariloche, Tropicana and Mario’s. The other 10 have a negative leg difference.