The race to the 2018 championship!

With only four more matches to go, the Moraira Darts League hasn’t been this close for many years. Three teams are within only three points from each other!

Comparing the last 4 matches of these three teams, it seems Druids has the worse road to go, with both Premium and Tropicana, where Premium also still has to play number 4 Mullins Marauders. Tropicana seems to have the easiest program with, apart from Druids Cave B, only number 7 Mario-s being the best ranked opponent.

See the fixtures:


TropicanaThe Bulls
Pink LadiesTropicana
TropicanaDruids Cave B

Druids Cave B:

Pink LadiesDruids Cave B
PremiumDruids Cave B
Druids Cave BMullins Raiders
TropicanaDruids Cave B


Druids Cave APremium
PremiumDruids Cave B
M. MaraudersPremium
PremiumMullins Raiders