Tich’s win Cup Final 2014-2015

In a great atmosphere, Tich’s has won this year’s Knockout Cup after a glorious victory over Druids Cave A.

Druids Cave A had a great start with Andy beating Kia with 2-1. Tich’s came back strong with Gareth and Ian having easy 2-0 wins over Alex and Santi. After Jose bringing back the tension with a 2-1 win over Joe, Carl and George put Tich’s into a very good position after beating Henk and Jamin.

With the singles ending at 10-5 for Tich’s, Druids Cave A knew what to do next: win all doubles!

That all seemed to go very well, when Andy and Henk winning 2-1 over Neil and Kia, and Alex and Jose having an easy 2-0 over George and Ian.

With a score of 11-9 in the favour of Tich’s, Druids Cave A’s Santi and Jamin knew a 2-0 victory was required to stay in the match.

Unfortunately for them, Gareth and Joe managed to win the first leg of the game, which made the decision final.
They decided not to play the last leg.

The 13-9 victory of Tich’s over Druids Cave A was a great revenge for last years’ loss in the Cup Final 2013-2014, when Druids Cave A was way too strong with a 16-6 result.

Thanks to Andy and Jo of Bar Bariloche for hosting this Cup Final.