Top16 Cup May 17th @ Druids Cave II

This year, the Top16 Cup will be played at Druids Cave II.

The Cup will be played at May 17th, and we will start at 8pm. Just like last year, we will play 501, best of three.

The first 16 players of the list below are qualified. The numbers 17, 18 and 19, 20 and 21 are reserve. The Top16 Cup will be played seeded, so the number 1 in the ranking will play the lowest ranked player, the number two will play the number 15 etc.

1Paul ShillingWingies Warriors2424
2Carl WilksTropicana2422
3George WhitbyPremium2321
4George LarkinTropicana2321
5Joe WhitbyPremium2320
6Andy BeckerichDruids Cave B2319
7Peter MirfinDruids Cave B2319
8Alex BeckDruids Cave B2218
9Alexis AristizobalMarios2318
10David 'Robbie' RobinsonMullins Marauders2418
11Gary FieldBariloche2418
12Michael HowardDruids Cave B2017
13Simon PennMullins Marauders2117
14Peter 'Sparky' ColinTropicana2317
15Ian WhitbyPremium2116
16Harry PearlTropicana2316
17Nick CoatesWingies Warriors2416
18Gareth DaviesPremium2315
19Chris ScrivenerMullins Marauders2315
20Jhon PimientaMarios2415
21Cees PlugTeulada Panthers1614